Andy Summers

“We always knew that we didn’t want to sound like anybody else”: Andy Summers...

The Police guitarist talks designing his brand-new signature Monochrome Strat, discovering his love of effects pedals, and why he sold Eric Clapton his Les Paul.

Fender teams with Leica to create the Andy Summers Monochrome Strat

The former Police guitarist works with Fender Custom Shop to create an eye-catching limited edition guitar inspired by his love of photography.
How to practice like a pro

How to practice like a pro

Andy Summers, George Lynch, Tommy Emmanuel and other guitarists share their practice routines.

Why you should steal from other guitarists

Not their gear, of course, but their licks. Copying the style of famous axe-slingers can be good practice—these guitarists explain how.
Vinyl records old

Five reasons to listen to music you don’t like

Keeping an open ear and mind can be more valuable than chugging out the same riffs for hours on end.

Six guitar pros on why you shouldn’t obsess over gear

It’s easy to get carried away with GAS. But before you do, take stock of everything, really understand the nuts and bolts, and try to make the most of all you have.

Andy Summers—Every Little Thing He Does

This interview was originally published in 2010. Andy Summers changed the face of pop music with his heavily affected yet crisp playing during an all...


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