Jared Dines

The 20-string Mountain Dew guitar is now a reality, thanks to Jared Dines and the internet

Memes do come true – if you wish hard enough or continuously pester Jared Dines.

“Bassists and drummers are obsolete!” Jared Dines gives his verdict on the Spark amp

In a light-hearted infomercial-style video, the popular YouTuber doesn’t hold back when giving his endorsement of Positive Grid’s Spark – “The coolest amp that money can buy”.

Sterling By Music Man announces the Jared Dines StingRay

Quite possibly the brand’s first ever 24-fret StingRay model

Jared Dines succeeds in selling his 18-string Ormsby after auction troubles

The auction initially failed after the winning bidder pulled out.

Jared Dines is auctioning off his 18-string djent monster

The custom Ormsby guitar is being sold via eBay.

Watch Jared Dines demo his 18-string Ormsby guitar

Surprise: This behemoth can actually be played.