Jared James Nichols

Jared James Nichols’ Epiphone Gold Glory is available now

The guitar is a new version of his Old Glory signature.
JJN Goldtop Old Glory Teaser

Jared James Nichols teases a Goldtop edition of his Epiphone “Old Glory” Les Paul...

The fiery blues rocker shared pictures of the axe on Instagram.
Jared James Nichols Tutorial Live: Jared James Nichols talks blues tone and technique

The blues firebrand aimed to show guitarists how to get the “most tone’ out of the least amount of gear”.
Joe Bonamassa

Joe Bonamassa announces After Party Showcase, featuring emerging guitar stars

Taking place after his upcoming album preview performance.
Blackstar JJN 20R

The Big Review: Blackstar JJN-20R MkII Jared James Nichols Signature Combo

Fancy a shot of Bluespower? This affordable signature amp from Blackstar is ready to rock.

Jared James Nichols to host the Blues Power Hour every Tuesday

Being broadcast across Gibson and Epiphone’s Instagrams.
Blackstar's 20W JJN Combo

Blackstar launches a combo edition of the JJN-20R MkII

The amp previously came as a mini-stack.
Jared James Nichols

How to play blues like Jared James Nichols

The kinetic fingerstyle of Jared James Nichols has made him a modern blues colossus. Here’s how to make it your own.
Jared James Nichols

“I don’t even have a tuner!” Jared James Nichols on his stripped-down approach to...

The 31-year-old talks to us about fingers, thumbs, his love of Les Pauls and why he only needs one pedal.


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