Rolling Stones

Keith Richards teases new music, possibly from The Rolling Stones

His latest studio update has fans guessing.
Keith Richards onstage

Keith Richards on celebrating The Rolling Stones’ 60th anniversary: “The plans are to still...

“I'll croak when I croak and everybody will know.”
Keith Richards onstage

Keith Richards thinks the idea of “new rock ‘n’ roll” is “pointless”

The Rolling Stones guitarist feels the popularised use of synths is "cheap and corny".
Interview Slash Apollo live black and white

The 2019 Roundup: 10 most popular interviews

We check out the most talked-about interviews of the year.

Watch: Keith Richards reveals the one six-string he can’t live without

Keef reveals the guitar he can't live without after his near six decade career.
keith richards rolling stones

“All I wanted to do was play like Chuck Berry”: Keith Richards

The eternal riff machine that drives the greatest rock ’n’ roll band in the world on his solo records, his recording process, his gear and his technique for corralling the Stones.


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