Kirk Hammett

ESP announces return of Kirk Hammett KH-3 Spider alongside three-day virtual event

ESP Presents 2021 will take the place of the brand’s showcase at NAMM 2021.

Slash, Kirk Hammett, Tom Morello honour EVH at the Rock Hall 2020 induction ceremony

“Eddie Van Halen was the Mozart of our generation”: Tom Morello

Mrs Smith usurps Kirk Hammett as the ultimate wah-abuser

The shred guitarist stole the title at the Cry Baby Battle Royale

Kirk Hammett Vs. Mrs Smith: The wah-off of the century?

Ask not for whom the pedal wahs, it wahs for thee.

Kirk Hammett on Metallica’s Napster lawsuit: “We didn’t make a difference”

The guitarist remains optimistic about the future, though.

ESP announces Kirk Hamett’s signature LTD KH-2 Ouija Sparkle

The guitar is available in two finishes, with 500 units being made in each.

Kirk Hammett has a new EMG signature pickup set

The Kirk Hammett Bone Breaker humbuckers mark a shift in the Metallica guitarist’s tone aspirations.