Sunday, August 25, 2019

Paul Gilbert

Paul Gilbert and Billy Sheehan to feature at Guitar Summit 2019

Paul Gilbert Press Shot for the Guitar Summit 2019
The Mr. Big duo will be conducting masterclasses at the show in Mannheim, Germany.

Five guitarists talk tone inspiration

Five guitarists spill the secret behind their tone
Finding a guitar tone that’s unique to you can be a never-ending quest—so we picked the brains of five seasoned players for a few tips.

Why playing fast shouldn’t matter

Playing guitar fast
Speed thrills, but you shouldn’t obsess over clocking a hundred miles per hour with your fingers.

Songwriting 101: Start with the melody

Songwriting melody
Beginning a songwriting session by crafting a melody is more efficient than not, say these four guitarists.

10 Questions with Paul Gilbert

Guitar virtuoso and founding Mr. Big member Paul Gilbert stops by and lets us in on a few secrets…

Paul Gilbert Interview—The Voice of His Guitar

This interview was originally published in 2014. Absolutely mind blowing. He’s been absolutely mind-blowing on the fretboard since he was a teenager. That’s six-string voodoo child Paul Gilbert we’re talking about. In case you’re not familiar with the back story on the Mr. Big guitarist and multiple “Best Guitarist” award-winner, here’s a quick rundown: He was written up in a...

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