Richard Hawley

The Genius Of… Richard Hawley – Standing At The Sky’s Edge

One of music's greatest storytellers and the owner of a stellar vintage guitar collection, Richard Hawley deviated from his familiar mournful romanticism and orchestration on this ferocious 2012 album. Immerse yourself in the sprawling, angry and utterly exhilarating Standing At The Sky's Edge.

“I had to not eat for quite a while to get it!”: Richard Hawley on his 1963 Jaguar

Here he talks his vintage Jaguar in Lake Placid Blue, it's likeness to Strats and buying it while on the dole.

Watch: Richard Hawley plays ‘Careless Love’ by Big Bill Broonzy on his 1936 Gibson L-Century

In part five of our interview series with Richard Hawley, he sits down with his beloved circa 1936 Gibson L-Century and plays a Big Bill Broonzy classic.

Watch: Richard Hawley on Fylde Guitars and Nashville tuning

Here he talks using octave tuning, handmade acoustics and Horcruxes.

“This guitar was used by Bob Dylan”: Richard Hawley on his 1969/1970 Telecaster

The third instalment of this series features an incredible 1969/1970 Telecaster and Fender Super-Sonic.

“Like most things it came to me in a pub”: Richard Hawley on his Gibson ES-335

Prior to the release of his acclaimed new album, Further, we sit down with Richard Hawley to talk about the record and all things guitar.

Interview: Richard Hawley – Hollow Meadows

After a turbulent period that saw Richard Hawley questioning whether he’d play live again, one of the UK’s finest songwriters and owner of a guitar collection to make grown men weep with envy returns triumphant with new album Hollow Meadows…