Cillian Breathnach

UK Music Education hit hard by COVID, study finds

Music lessons and extra-curricular activities are not a priority during the pandemic, it found.

Doja Cat apologises to Plini for copying his song Handmade Cities

After she performed a heavy version of her song Say So many fans pointed out the similarities.

Watch AC/DC’s new video for Demon Fire: “This one’s for Mal”

It features a car driving down a highway to, er, Hell.

Billie Eilish covers The Beatles’ Something

It’s a sparsely-arranged version of the George Harrison-penned track

Thieves reportedly steal $50,000 worth of memorabilia from Eddie Van Halen’s guitar tech, Zeke Clark

Buyers are urged to be on the lookout for any particularly rare EVH or Sammy Hagar gear popping up.

Godin Guitars’ Robert Godin receives the Order Of Canada Honour

The founder has been building guitars for almost 50 years.