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Talking Shop: Doug Kauer on automation and alternative tonewoods

In an industry that celebrates hand-built everything, it’s refreshing to hear a guitar maker openly declare that certain forms of automation just create better guitars. Doug Kauer celebrates the power of machines, while still valuing the creativity of human hands.

Meet Joe Yanuziello, a Canadian guitar-maker whose creations reveal greater depths the closer you look

“Once I’ve built an instrument and turned that idea in my head into a three-dimensional object, the big reward is having a musician use it to express themselves.”

“The connectivity between the guitar and myself, that vibration is critical”: Famed luthier John Page

Aside from Leo himself, few names are more redolent of Fender’s history than that of John Page, whose work continued to flourish once he left the California guitar empire.

“They are totally meant to be turned up!”: Amp-maker Phil Jamison on Matchless amplifiers

Don’t talk to Phil Jamison about the supposed magical ‘eras’ of Matchless amplifiers, thank you very much. They have all been great, and there’s evidence the California maker is building them better than ever.

“I have no interest in copying another guitar”: Joe Knaggs on his guitar-making ethos

After 25 years as production manager and designer with one of the most successful guitar brands of the modern era, Joe Knaggs decided to take his vision directly to the people.

Meet Chris Swope, head honcho of innovative boutique brand, Swope Guitars

Find out about how he got started in the business and what frustrates him about the boutique market.

Meet Bob Bradshaw, touring rig maker to the stars

He's set up rigs for everyone from Olivia Newton-John to The Edge to Yngwie Malmsteen.

Review: Harmony Standard Series Jupiter and Rebel

Reviving a beloved vintage brand with a high cool-per-quid quotient, the new Harmony line’s retro-modern marriage delivers some surprisingly upmarket features.

The father-and-son team behind Lentz Guitar on creating boutique magic

The archetypal F-style guitar would seem a tapped-out vein by now, yet Scott Lentz Sr. and Jr. consistently inject the magic that keeps players coming back for more.

The history of the Fender Custom Shop

Over the last 30 years, the Fender Custom Shop has rewritten the rules of high-end guitars and blurred the line between big name brands and boutique instruments.