Dave Hunter

Interview: Gil Yaron on re-creating vintage guitars

Renowned the world over for his unbelievably accurate re-creations of golden-era vintage electrics, Gil Yaron now brings a remarkable attention to detail to his own electric guitar creations.

Letters from America: Mark Baier – Victoria Amplifier Company

For a quarter of a century, Mark Baier has been chasing the dream of recapturing that elusive sound of the classic Fender amps of the 50s – and his Victoria amplifiers are proof he succeeded. Dave Hunter meets a man with a remarkable passion for vintage fidelity…

Interview: Saul Koll Guitar Co.

Portland has a reputation as being a bit of an unconventional place to live, so it’s fitting that since the early 90s, luthier Saul Koll has been hand-crafting guitars there that are also a little bit out of the ordinary.

The War Of The Rosewood

Some have speculated that recent CITES changes may spell the end for rosewood in the manufacture of affordable guitars. We help you see the wood for the trees.