Josh Gardner

How Auden Guitars owner, Doug Sparkes, acquired Gordon Smith

Sparkes is well aware of the responsibility he’s assumed since buying Gordon Smith four years ago. But the UK brand’s rebirth and reinvigoration might never have happened if not for some speculative post-pub googling.

Gibson’s Cesar Gueikian on why its new Virtual Guitar Tech service will help you form a “deeper connection with your guitar”

Earlier this week, Gibson Brands revealed an innovative new service designed to inspire guitarists to undertake basic maintenance at home. The Virtual Guitar Tech...

The Guitar Interview: Jim Root on Slipknot, Jazzmasters and standing shoulder to shoulder with his heroes

Known as #4, Jim Root has formed half of Slipknot’s brutal six-string assault for 20 years. As he steps into the rarified air of his fourth signature model with Fender, we talk classic designs, playing with lightsabres and why he still finds guitar solos stressful.

Guitar Center furloughs 9,000 employees in response to COVID-19

Musical instrument retail giant Guitar Center has furloughed a large number of its staff in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, which has led...

Watch Tom Morello explain why social justice is at the heart of his Soul Power Stratocaster

One of the biggest surprises of NAMM 2020 was Fender’s reveal of the Tom Morello Soul Power Stratocaster. Very few would have imagined that...

“Very few people get a T-Bone Burnett lesson on their first day at work”: Nashville star Charles Esten on his guitar journey

The actor and musician talks old Gibsons, improving his playing, and why a terrible first guitar almost put a stop to his career before it had even begun.

Gibson CEO JC Curleigh on getting the Epiphone brand back together

It’s been a long time since you could say that Epiphone caused a buzz at NAMM, but back at January’s show, the overhaul of the brand was all anyone could talk about. We spoke to some of the key people involved about what it all means.

“It’s nice to have a space to rest the big ideas that we have”: Colt Westbrook on Walrus Audio’s game-changing new Mako Series

The Walrus Audio head honcho on the new high-end Mako Series and the paradigm shift it will offer the boutique brand.

“I could play the whole show with it!” Aerosmith’s Brad Whitford on his love of PRS and the Silver Sky

The veteran guitar player looks back on a 35-year friendship with Paul Reed Smith and tells us why he thinks the luthier’s current guitars are some of the best instruments he’s ever played.

Watch: Epiphone’s new Inspired By Gibson Les Pauls and its 2020 line of guitars

UPDATE (30/1): Find all the details on these Epiphone 2020 guitars here. NAMM 2020: Gibson has announced a massive overhaul of its Epiphone brand for NAMM...