Richard Purvis

Review: Harmony Standard Series Silhouette

Combining vampy looks with a pair of foil-topped mini-humbuckers, the reborn Harmony range’s resident offset promises distinctive tones to match its premium build.

Review: TC Electronic Flashback 2 Mini & Hall of Fame 2 Mini

If you thought TC’s TonePrint tech for loading new sounds via your guitar was ingenious, prepare to be blown away by the twist in its latest delay and reverb.

Review: Six new Fender effects pedals

We take a look at the Fender Reflecting Pool, MTG:LA, Trapper, Compugilist, Smolder & Pour Over.

Review: Hughes & Kettner Black Spirit 200 Floor

If you’re Hughes & Kettner, there’s only one way to improve on a programmable 200-watt amp with valve-emulating analogue tone and on-board effects: turn it into a stompbox.

Review: Fender American Ultra Jazzmaster

Fender rides the wave of offset guitar popularity by launching its slickest ever Jazzmaster… with some very interesting stuff going on behind the spangly scratchplate.

Review: Fredric Effects Regent 150 Preamp & Verzerrer Distortion

These two British-made pedals have both been designed in tribute to obscure kit from the old Eastern Bloc… but the results could hardly be more different.

Review: Dunlop GCJ95 Gary Clark Jr Cry Baby & DB01B Dimebag Cry Baby From Hell

If you think all wah-wah pedals just go ‘wah’, these two latest signature models from Dunlop’s ever-expanding Cry Baby range are different enough to set you straight.

Review: Boss Katana-100 MkII

Boss’s Katana digital amps are widely acclaimed for their versatility. Here’s a look at the middle of the new MkII range, the 1x12 100-watt model.

Review: Boss Katana-100/212 MkII

Two speakers, 10 amp models, 60 effects, 100 watts – do the numbers add up for the flagship combo of the Boss Katana MkII digital amplifier line?

Review: Hudson Electronics Broadcast-AP

We love the original Broadcast, an ultra-classy preamp and booster with lashings of fuzzy drive on tap… and now there’s a new version designed for slide maestro Ariel Posen.