Samuel Roberts

Methyl Ethel rediscover adventure on their latest LP, Are You Haunted?

On their first outing for Future Classic, the Aussie band reunites with one-time guitarist Stella Donnelly and opts for precision to deliver their most bold and melancholic body of work to date.

Preservation Guitar Company on the influence of 20th century luthiery and building her own tools

Located in Arkansas, Aviva Pilgrim hand builds each instrument from her intimate workshop with a focus on methods and designs inspired by the early 1900s. Here, she discusses the influence her old-time string band has on her luthiery, being a female guitar maker and ensuring each instrument has a personal touch, from consultations with every customer to hand printing the label inside the body.

Tom Sands on honing his craft in the Bay Area and composing the perfect song for testing guitars

The revered luthier studied under the tutelage of Ervin Somogyi, developing into one of the most in-demand builders in the world today. Here he discusses selling all his possessions to study abroad and developing a close relationship with every customer.

“Surround yourself with people you view as better than yourself”: Dipswitch Demos’ Jackson Brooksby on humility, Tom Morello’s continuous influence and out-of-tune keyboards

Developed from his position as a session player, Jackson Brooksby took to YouTube to showcase the gear that helps aspiring guitarists to develop their careers, creating a revered channel with an endearingly loyal fanbase. Here, he discusses his secret love of country and how an A chord can tell you all you need to know about a guitar.