Boss Katana-Air

Featuring Boss’ very own wireless guitar technology, the Boss Katana-Air gives you the freedom to do backflips off the stage and crowd-surf in the worshipful hands of your sea of fans—all while holding down those chords that keep the music pulsing.

The 30-watt amp’s key selling point is that cables are no longer required—batteries remove the need for power cables, and receivers that automatically charge while docked in the amp render guitar leads unnecessary. The receivers pick up wireless signals from your guitar and can last up to 12 hours per charge.

The Katana-Air is similar to its predecessors in terms of controls and effects: Five amp characters are available—Brown, Lead, Crunch, Clean and Acoustic—and more than 50 Boss effects can be stored in six onboard memories and organized via Boss’s Tone Studio app. Music can also be streamed to the gadget via Bluetooth, on top of the standard aux-in and headphone-out ports.

The only potential sticking point may be that the amp requires eight AA batteries to operate, providing 20 watts of output for seven hours. But, hey, you probably won’t be thinking about that while surfing on those fan-made waves.

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Boss Katana-Air control panel
The control panel
Boss Katana-Air guitar transmitter
The wireless transmitter