Searches on Reverb for H.E.R.’s signature Stratocaster doubled following her Super Bowl performance

Impressed fans seemed to want to scope out a new gear purchase pretty quickly.

Reverb and PRS crack down on Lunar Ice Silver Sky preorder scalping

Highly-inflated listings were made by private sellers, as opposed to authorised dealers.

Reverb and Jeorge Tripps announce ultra-limited run of 10 Fuzz Face pedals

The pedals are tied in with Reverb’s upcoming documentary The Pedal Movie.

Reverb Sites to close on 30 April 2021

Sites was a website-building service that allowed direct integration with a Reverb store – the main Reverb site is not closing.

Which brands dominated the pedal market across 2020?

Some interesting analytics from tell us about who’s at the top of the game.

These were Reverb’s bestselling pedals that came out in 2020

Here’s a look at some of the highlights.

Reverb partners with Paul McCartney, Amy Lee, John Legend and more to help fund youth music education

The One Mic Reverb store will sell microphones used and signed by music legends, with proceeds going to 10 different programs.

Watch: The new trailer for The Pedal Movie

The documentary gives an inside look into the wild world of guitar pedals.

Death By Audio and EarthQuaker Devices join forces for the Time Shadows

It’s a dual-sided fuzz delay box full of wild sounds.