Ananashead Effects

Ananashead announces the do-it-all Main Fuzz

Available in either a germanium, silicone or hybrid format.

The new Ananashead Range Booster is based on the Dallas Rangemaster

Modelled after the 1966 Dallas Rangemaster circuit.

Ananashead’s Bolt OD pedal will jolt your amp to life

Designed as a second channel for amps without a master volume.

Ananashead’s Optotrem is a box of fluttering sounds

It’s the latest addition to Spanish brand’s catalogue of handmade pedals.

Ananashead Effects releases the Blend Bass Drive

Based on the iconic DOD250 drive circuit.

Ananashead Effects launches the MARK1 germanium fuzz

This is a no-nonsense vintage fuzz that won’t cost you a kidney.