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Best software for guitarists in 2021: 10 best apps to learn guitar

Whether you’re a total beginner or lapsed player, these are the best apps and websites to help you learn how to play guitar.
best daws guitarists

Five best DAWs for guitarists in 2020

Don't let the DAW hit you on the way out: we take a look at the pros and cons of the recording software available right now.

IK Multimedia’s new device turns your iPad into a pedalboard

Besides being a pedalboard controller for certain apps, the iRig Stomp I/O packs in a USB audio interface and MIDI compatibility.
iPhone make music

How the iPhone can help you make music

It’s not just for liking photos on the Gram. Your iPhone—or any mobile for that matter—can help you write tunes, practice chops and be a better musician, say these five guitarists.
Fender Tune

Fender Release Fender Tune for iPhone App

Fender have just released their very first self-produced app: Fender Tune out of new subsidiary Fender Digital.

iPad: The Ultimate Guitar Tool

This slim device can do so much more than games and surfing: with the right add-ons, it can be your guitar nerve-centre. Martyn Casserly has been shopping


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