Bad Cat The Paw

Bad Cat Amplifiers unsheathes The Paw, a boutique desktop amplifier

Its preamp is based on the brand’s Cub 50/50 all-tube head.

Gear Of The Year 2016 – Best Accessory

We played a LOT of great pickups this year, three of which make the list. Pickups remain a hugely subjective area, but the Bad Cat Unleash’s ability to make a loud amp quieter or a quiet amp louder, all the while preserving tonal quality, really struck a chord…
Bad Cat

Bad Cat USA Player Series Cub 15R Review

Bad Cat’s latest Cub combo is a very different animal. Chris Vinnicombe cops a feline…

Bad Cat Unleash V2 review

Need more control over volume without affecting your tone? This updated Unleash is both attenuator and re-amper.

Bad Cat Unleash Review

An attenuator and an amp, all in one? Yes, Bad Cat’s unique Unleash is all about volume – less of it, or more… or lots, lots more.


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