Caparison Guitars Apple Horn 8

Caparison Guitars announces the eight-string Apple Horn 8 for Mattias Eklundh

This eight-string is outfitted with true temperament frets, DiMarzio pickups and more.

Caparison Guitars launches Nick Hipa signature model

The model adds Schaller hardware and Fishman electronics to the brand’s Angelus-M3B.
The Caparison Brocken 5-Bass.

Caparison unveils the Broken 5-Bass

Sporting a full-access five-piece neck and Fishman Fluence pickups.
Caparison Guitars Horus M3 CC

Caparison Guitars unveils the Courtney Cox signature axe

The guitarist of tribute band The Iron Maidens earns herself a trooper of an instrument in the Horus-M3 CC.

NAMM 2018: Caparison Reveals The New Horus-M3B Custom Line

Caparison has revealed the new Horus-M3B Custom Line, but can it live up to the claims of being a "true temple of sound"? Here's Caparison with the full details…

Caparison Guitars Announces the 2015 Limited Edition Angelus Custom Line

Caparison Guitars launch a thoroughly modern, brand new vintage guitar from their Angelus Custom Line.


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