Crazy Tube Circuits Constellation and Memphis

Crazy Tube Circuits launches two new pedals, the Constellation CV7003 and Memphis

One is a germanium-loaded fuzz, the other a Magnatone-style vibe.
The new Crazy Tube Circuits Killer V.

NAMM 2020: Crazy Tube Circuits channels surf-rock tones with the Killer V

An overdrive/vibrato pedal reminiscent of classic Fender and Magnatone amps.
the Crazy Tube Circuitry Cyclone

Crazy Tube Circuits’ Cyclone provides four discrete vintage phaser voices

The all-analogue effect emulates classic 70s and 90s sounds
Crazy Tubes Circuits Gus G Speed Demon Overdrive

Crazy Tube Circuits, Gus G team up on Speed Demon pedal

Boasting a supercharged OD circuit tuned to the Greek guitarist’s needs.
crazy tube circuits limelight fuzz

Crazy Tube Circuits launches Limelight fuzz pedal

Vintage-voiced with modern appointments.
Crazy Tube Circuits Falcon

Crazy Tube Circuits introduces the Falcon

An overdrive pedal modelled after two legendary amps.
Crazy Tube

NAMM 2018: Crazy Tube Circuits introduce Constellation Fuzz & Ziggy v2

Introducing the constellation of fuzz.


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