Crimson Guitars

Help decide the winner of The Great Guitar Build Off 2020

The winning guitar will be raffled off to benefit a charity of the builder’s choice.

“There’s something so sexy about guitars and that world in general”: Ben Crowe of Crimson Guitars

We visit Crimson Guitars and talk old-school luthiery, prog legends and digital love with its head honcho.

Crimson Guitars Artist Descendant 61 & One Series Descendant Review

Two good-looking electrics from a UK firm celebrating more than 12 years in the business. Simon Bradley gives them a whirl.

The Money Shot: Crimson Guitars Custom Shop PAF Hollow Copper

Crimson Guitars is based in an old dairy in rural Dorset. Headed up by Master Luthier Ben Crowe, the company specialises in unique distressed finishes and has racked up 14 years in the game, building instruments for the likes of Robert Fripp and Goldfrapp bassist Charlie Jones along the way.