D'Addario's Pedal Tuner Plus

D’Addario announces the new Pedal Tuner Plus

It adds a couple of features to the brand’s Pedal Tuner.
D'Addario's XPND

D’Addario announces new telescopic pedalboard system, XPND

Don't want to be stuck with one pedalboard width?
D'Addario's XS String coating

NAMM 2021: D’Addario announces XS, a “breakthrough in coated strings”

With an “impossibly thin” coating.
From drumhead to face shield

Coronavirus: D’Addario repurposes drum heads into face shields

In response to the massive demand for PPE.

NAMM 2020 Video: D’Addario makes gigging easier with the Backline and LokNob

Featuring the new Backline Gear Transport Pack and LokNob series.
John D'Addario III & Jim D'Addario

Jim D’Addario to open Reverb store selling rare, vintage and signed guitars in aid...

Fourteen guitars from his collection will be sold.
John D'Addario III & Jim D'Addario

John D’Addario III to become CEO of the D’Addario Company

In addition to his current role as president.

Summer NAMM 2019: D’Addario develops XT strings with cutting-edge tech

Featuring high carbon steel cores, the brand’s popular alloys and extended lifespan treatment.
D'Addario DIY cable kit

D’Addario Accessories unveils three new products

A solderless cable kit, jack lock for Taylor guitars, and upgraded nine-volt adapter are the latest additions to D’Addario’s catalogue.


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