Darkglass Electronics

The best recording gear for guitarists in 2020: 15 best direct recording boxes

Recording guitars from home? These devices offer tracking options that are more than a step up from simply pointing an SM57 against a grille cloth.

Darkglass Electronics launches limited-edition Microtubes 900 V2 amp

Featuring custom artwork by Christopher Lovell.

Darkglass Electronics’ Microtubes X Ultra is a versatile bass-shaping tool

Preamp/OD unit features multiband drive, graphic EQ and IR cab sims.

Darkglass Electronics unveils two new bass amps

The Microtubes 900 V2 and Alpha·Omega 900 are compact amps with modern features.

Darkglass Electronics rolls out the Hyper Luminal

This sleek compressor combines the best of digital and analog worlds.

Darkglass Electronics unveils limited edition Microtubes 900

The Finnish brand's popular bass amp now comes with a gnarly new artwork.