Win over £400 of Electro-Harmonix pedals

Win a trio of Electro-Harmonix pedals worth over £400!

Electro-Harmonix releases new multi-track looper

The EHX 95000 Performance Loop Laboratory lets you play mad scientist with massive loop capacity and a whole bunch of tweakable parameters.

Electro-Harmonix Announces Reissued Op-Amp Big Muff Pi

Electro-Harmonix has reissued its late-1970s-era Op-Amp Big Muff Pi.

EHX reveal new Hot Wax dual-overdrive

Electro-Harmonix unveils the new Hot Wax pedal which combines the Crayon full-range overdrive and the Hot Tubes, a reissue of the classic 1970s CMOS overdrive.

Electro-Harmonix introduces the Canyon delay & looper

Compact, affordable multi-function pedal packed with powerful features.

Electro-Harmonix Soul POG Review

Two of EHX’s most popular effects of recent times collide in this curious combination stompbox.

Electro-Harmonix Mel9 Review

Electro-Harmonix’s latest stompbox creation, the Mel9 Tape Replay Machine, is a nostalgic time machine. Tom Turner sets the controls for 1967 and takes it for a spin…

Electro Harmonix Release Bass Clone

Electro-Harmonix have just released the very cool looking Bass Clone, a chorus pedal that internally replicates the legendary Small Clone chorus with the addition of Bass-specific features.

Electro-Harmonix 22500 Dual Stereo Looper review

EHX’s new looper crams a vast range of functions into a compact pedal. We get lost in an infinite loop…

Electro-Harmonix Key9 Electric Piano Machine review

The latest keyboard-emulating guitar pedal from New York sonic experimentalists Electro-Harmonix sets out to nail some classic keys sounds.