Best Reverb Pedals 2021

The best guitar pedals to buy in 2021: 17 best reverb pedals

We all need space – here’s how to get more
Eventide Ultra Tap

Eventide launches standalone pedal for its UltraTap delay

Hailed as “the mother of all Echoplexes.”
Eventide Micropitch

Eventide announces new standalone pedal for its MicroPitch delay algorithm

It’s the brand’s second take on the formula, following the standalone Blackhole pedal.
Best Delay Pedals 2021

The best pedals to buy in 2021: 15 best delay pedals 

Whether you’re getting into effects for the first time, or are a seasoned collector, you’ll no doubt have noticed the abundance of echo and delay effects on the market. Let’s dive into some of our favourites.
Eventide Blackhole

Eventide releases its famed Blackhole reverb as a standalone pedal

Featuring deep controls, two 'Infinite Reverb' modes and much more.
The Eventide PowerMAX and MINI

Eventide launches the PowerMINI, PowerMINI EXP and PowerMAX rev 2 power supplies

The units can connect together, or act on their own.
Eventide Instant Phaser MkII Plug-in

Eventide releases Instant Phaser MkII

A plug-in that captures the legendary Instant Phaser’s tape flanging simulations.
Eventide Rose Delay

NAMM 2019: Eventide releases Rose delay

Modulated, digital delay meets analogue circuitry.
eventide h9 control app

Eventide releases Android version of H9 Control app

Android users can now control their H9 stompboxes from their phone or tablet.

Empress Reverb, Strymon BigSky & Eventide Space Shootout

In search of the ultimate digital reverb pedal? Gary Walker pits two established heavyweights against a new challenger from Empress.


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