The best guitar amplifiers to buy in 2020: 10 best acoustic amps

If your acoustic has a built-in preamp (as many do these days) and you want to amplify your sound, you can plug direct into...
Fishman Fluente Javier Reyes

Fishman launches the Fluence Javier Reyes Signature 6-,7-, and 8-String Pickup Sets

The Animals as Leaders guitarist has tuned the pickups for dynamic range and clarity.
Mike Inez

Fishman announces the Fluence Legacy Series Mike Inez pickups

Designed to perfectly recreate his Moon Bass.
Fishman Power Tap Earth & Power Tap Infinity

NAMM 2020: Fishman’s new PowerTap pickups feature a unique body sensor

Announcing the new PowerTap Earth and PowerTap Infinity.

Summer NAMM 2019 Video: Fishman’s TriplePlay Connect will inspire you to do more with...

Play virtual instruments, build loops, add effects and more.

Fishman unveils Keith Merrow Custom Series pickups

A modified Open Core Classic pickup on the bridge with fresh voicings helps to deliver all the tones a modern guitarist needs.
Fishman Matrix Infinity VT

Fishman expands Matrix Series with new pickup systems

The Matrix Infinity VT and Infinity Mic Blend boast design and performance enhancements, including a built-in condenser mic for the Infinity Mic Blend.
Fishman Fluence Open Core Humbuckers

Check out the new Fishman Fluence Open Core Classic pickups

The humbuckers boast a new voice, formats for seven- and eight-stringed guitars, and several finishes.


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