Fredric's Blue Monarch overdrive

Fredric Effects announces the Blue Monarch overdrive

Its own take on a Bluesbreaker-style overdrive pedal.
Industry Insider: Fredric Effects

Industry Insider: Fredric Effects reinterprets European and Soviet-era preamps into beloved pedals

Fredric Effects has developed a strong reputation for custom enclosures and artwork, alongside coveted sounds usually only heard in Soviet-era preamps and obscure European guitars.

Review: Fredric Effects Regent 150 Preamp & Verzerrer Distortion

These two British-made pedals have both been designed in tribute to obscure kit from the old Eastern Bloc… but the results could hardly be more different.
Fredric Effects Regent 150 Preamp on top of Veromna amp

Fredric Effects’ Regent 150 preamp is inspired by an East German unit

Compact stomper packs 40-year-old NOS East German transistors.

Fredric Effects’ new Regent 150 brings vintage Soviet sounds to modern ’boards

The stated mission of British boutique effects brand Frederic Effects is to unearth unusual and under-appreciated vintage circuits and bring them back to life...

“Like most things it came to me in a pub”: Richard Hawley on his...

Prior to the release of his acclaimed new album, Further, we sit down with Richard Hawley to talk about the record and all things guitar.
Fredric Effects

Fredric Effects unveils three new stompboxes

They are the Verzerrer, Utility Perkolator MkII and Dresden Synth Fuzz MkII.

Fredric Effects Foxrite MKII review

Hand built in North London, the Foxrite is a Mosrite Fuzzrite clone with a twist…


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