Fuchs Mantis 89

Fuchs Audio announces the Mantis 89, an amp head inspired by the JCM 800...

The amp ships with two different power amp options.
fuchs circuit board blackjack

How Andy Fuchs went from basement builder to boutique big-hitter

He's one of the world’s premier names in the boutique-amp business – and here, he explains how his operation grew and tells us what’s on the drawing board for Fuchs Audio Technology.
Fuchs Blackjack 21 MkII combo group shot of controls

Review: Fuchs Audio Technology Blackjack 21 MKII combo

With a reputation for superior tone, no-frills design and a client list that would be the envy of any amplifier manufacturer, Andy Fuchs knows a thing or two about high-end tube amplification. Here’s a model from the Fuchs stable that you don’t need to be rock royalty to afford…


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