Guild launches the affordable Starfire I

Guild's latest semi-hollow is a little easier on the wallet.

NAMM 2020: Guild shows off its new X-175 Manhattan Special

The hollowbody features DeArmond Dynasonic pickups and a Guild Vibrato

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From exquisite handcrafted pieces to travel-friendly junior guitars.

Rare Guitars: Gary Gand’s 1960s Guild Thunderbird

It's not every day that you see a guitar with a kickstand.

NAMM 2019 Video: Guild releases new acoustic models for 2019

It features nitro lacquer, v-block inlays and Gotoh hardware

Rare Guitars: 1965 Guild Duane Eddy 400

This hollow-bodied twangtastic beast was one of the highlights of the December 2017 Gardiner Houlgate Guitar Auction in Corsham, Wiltshire.

Guild re-releases the vintage Jetstar

The reissue embodies original retro vibes but comes in a longer scale length.

Guild M-20 & D-20 Review

Guild’s high-end acoustics recently found a new home in California. We test two models from Guild’s brand new USA Series.

NAMM 2017: Guild updates its acoustic line

Guild rounds out its USA acoustic line.

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Guild continues to soar with new T-Bird models.