Ibanez's two new mini pedals

Ibanez launches two new mini pedals: a phaser and a booster

Housed in the same angled enclosure as its other mini pedals.
Ibanez's FRM300 Paul Gilbert signature

Ibanez unveils catalogue for 2021, including new Paul Gilbert signature

Bearing the recognisable angular lines of the Fireman.
Racer X press photo

Paul Gilbert sells his rare Ibanez Ice-Stroyer to support Juan Alderete’s recovery

Alderete was involved in a bicycle accident in January that resulted in traumatic brain injury.
Ibanez RG565 Genesis

Ibanez revives the RG565

The lastest of its old-school models to be brought back by its Genesis Collection.
The Ibanez AEWC10

Ibanez’s new AEWC10 acoustics come in some striking metallic finishes

The guitar also boasts ‘electric-like’ playability.
Ibanez AE series acoustics

Ibanez revamps AE series acoustics with dual pickups, redesigned preamps and more

These contemporary acoustics also feature Ibanez's new X-M bracing.
Best Overdrive Pedals 2020

The best pedals to buy in 2020: 20 best overdrive pedals

Sing the blues, send your amp into raptures or unleash hell with the best overdrive pedals in 2020.
ibanez J-custom

Ibanez unveils elements-inspired J Custom RG guitars

These elegantly finished models sport exotic tonewoods and DiMarzio electronics


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