JHS Pedals Legends of Fuzz

Review: JHS Pedals Legends Of Fuzz Series

JHS pays tribute to the biggest milestones in fuzz history with remakes of four classic stompers – but they’re not quite as faithful as they seem.
Mark Twain

Invention Has A Sound: The story of Mark Twain, a Martin acoustic and the...

JHS Pedals supremo Josh Scott continues his exploration of the evolution of guitar effects with the introduction of another icon of American history. Brace yourself, we’re going down river.
Pedals The Musical

Josh Scott explains why he made a musical about effects pedals… and why he’s...

The JHS Pedals founder explains how Pedals: The Musical was a labour of love, why this is just the start for his guitar-related productions, and just how they turned actors into singing, dancing stompboxes…
Pedals: The Musical

Pedals: The Musical is a celebration of stompboxes written by JHS Pedals’ Josh Scott

It will livestream on YouTube on 13 and 14 March.
A normal photo of Tyler Larson and his new pedal

Music Is Win’s Tyler Larson “buys” $500,000 Klon centaur from JHS’ Josh Scott

It’s a lot of money, but it was the first Klon Centaur ever made and sold...
Josh Scott's Klon Centaur #2

JHS’ Josh Scott is selling the first Klon Centaur for $500,000

Worth it to finally have a transparent overdrive on your 'board?
Pedals of 2021

The biggest names in effects tell us what they have planned for 2021

With 2021 likely to be another strange year for many of us, we caught up with the great and the good of the effects world.
Pedals of 2021

How the pedal industry has thrived in 2020

Despite everything else that’s been going on in the world, effects pedal builders have been seeing record sales and huge successes during the pandemic – here’s how they did it.
EHX Used Memory Man

Which brands dominated the pedal market across 2020?

Some interesting analytics from tell us about who’s at the top of the game.
Shop Talk JHS Pedals

How Josh Scott built JHS Pedals from the ground up: “It’s a total accident...

While working as a gigging guitarist throughout the southeastern United States, Josh Scott’s love for the guitar bloomed into a talent for electronics and design that he barely knew he possessed.


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