Joyo Audio

Joyo announces the XL-Zombie II, a high-gain lunchbox amplifier

This compact 20-watt head can conjure up some rather high-gain American-voiced tones.

Joyo adds the XL Jackman II to the BanTamP line of amps

Both clean and drive channels get their own set of dedicated controls in this iteration.

Guitto’s GGP-02 is an no-amp acoustic pickup with built-in effects

It delivers reverb, chorus and delay directly through your instrument

Joyo Launches the Baatsin, collecting eight overdrives in one enclosure

Want a lot of options, but need to save some space?

Joyo unveils the R-13 XVI octave pedal

With in-built modulation, and the option for sub or upper octaves.

Joyo unveils the TC-1 Tone Chain Multi-Effects Pedal

Features overdrive, distortion, delay and more.

Joyo’s new Preamp House crams 18 amp sims in one pedal

Includes simulations of the Fender 65 Twin, Marshall JCM 900, Vox AC30 and more.

Joyo’s new NASCAR is an old-fashioned bucket brigade delay pedal

Joyo’s new NASCAR is an old-fashioned bucket brigade delay pedal

Launch into the Atmosphere with Joyo’s new pedal

The reverb box is packed full of different spaces.

Joyo’s BSK-60 is a band-friendly portable acoustic guitar amp

Highlights include Bluetooth connectivity, a rechargeable lithium battery and a looper.