God City instruments BLM Tb circuit

These guitar brands are releasing gear to contribute to anti-racism causes

These brands are using their effects to raise money for racial justice charities
Doug Kauer

Talking Shop: Doug Kauer on automation and alternative tonewoods

In an industry that celebrates hand-built everything, it’s refreshing to hear a guitar maker openly declare that certain forms of automation just create better guitars. Doug Kauer celebrates the power of machines, while still valuing the creativity of human hands.
Scott Holiday's Kauer Super Chief aka ‘La Donna Rosso’

Check out Scott Holiday’s Kauer Super Chief aka ‘La Donna Rossa’

Find out what the mysterious slider switches on this guitar do.
Scott Holiday's Kauer Banshee Baritone "Organa Major"

Check out Scott Holiday’s Kauer Banshee Baritone “Organa Major”

A nod to a certain George Lucas space opera.
Kauer Banshee aka ‘Excalibur’

Check out Scott Holiday’s Kauer Banshee aka ‘Excalibur’

"It came to the studio and right out of the box, those TV Jones Filter’Trons became my best friends!"
kauer super chief

Check out this new, but vintage-vibed, Kauer Guitars Super Chief

A stunning Gretsch-vibed semi-hollow from the mind of maverick US luthier Doug Kauer.

Kauer Arcturus review

Kauer guitars feature high-quality tonewoods, boutique pickups and on-trend shapes. We test out the Arcturus…


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