Keeley Electronics

Keeley El Rey Dorado Distortion & Aria Compressor Review

The godfather of the indie stompbox boom keeps the good times rolling with a Brit-voiced distortion and a two-in-one overdrive/compressor… Richard Purvis says let there be rock.

Supro, Keeley Electronics collaborate on 1970RK Keeley Custom Amp

Unlock the nuances of your stompboxes with this 25-watt combo’s midrange magic.

Keeley launches new germanium fuzz/overdrive stompbox

The Keeley Super Germanium Phat Mod cranks up the gain.

Keeley Electronics Omni Reverb Review

Keeley’s latest reverb may be low on knobs to play with, but that doesn’t mean it’s predictable… Richard Purvis dwells on the heavenly simplicity of the Omni ’verb.

Keeley combines renowned compressor and overdrive into one pedal

The Aria Compressor Drive is, in the brand’s words, its “most flexible overdrive to date.”

Win a Keeley Caverns V2 delay/reverb pedal!

Robert Keeley is one of the leading lights of the boutique effects scene – his sublime creations have been gracing the pedalboards of rock stars and tonehounds for more than 15 years now. And thanks to Keeley Electronics, one lucky reader will join that discerning club by winning a Caverns V2 delay/reverb pedal.

Keeley Electronics has a new distortion pedal

The El Rey Dorado Distortion is built for lovers of vintage Marshall tone.

Keeley Electronics packs an amplifier into a stompbox

The Germanium Amplifier is a handcrafted preamp that features—you guessed it—germanium transistors.

Keeley Electronics drops new reverb pedal

On the new Omni Reverb, switch from room to spring to plate at the flick of a switch.

Keeley Compressor Plus Review

The pedal that kicked off the boutique boom has gained an invisible ‘Plus’. We find out what it adds up to…