Pedalboard Amps 2021

The best guitar amps to buy in 2021: 12 of the best pedalboard amps

If you’re thinking of adding a pedalboard-sized amp to your rig, check out our picks of the best examples on the market today.
Line 6 G10T

Line 6 issues update to Relay G10 Transmitter to prevent potential fire risk

Relay G10, G10S and G10T models purchased before March 2020 require corrective action.
Line 6 HX Stomp XL

Line 6 launches the HX Stomp XL

The XL adds five extra footswitches to the platform.
Best Delay Pedals 2021

The best pedals to buy in 2021: 15 best delay pedals 

Whether you’re getting into effects for the first time, or are a seasoned collector, you’ll no doubt have noticed the abundance of echo and delay effects on the market. Let’s dive into some of our favourites.
Best Direct Recording Boxes

The best recording gear for guitarists in 2020: 15 best direct recording boxes

Recording guitars from home? These devices offer tracking options that are more than a step up from simply pointing an SM57 against a grille cloth.
Line 6 HX Stomp Stormtrooper White

First orders open for Line 6’s HX Stomp in Stormtrooper White

Set phasers to stun– wait, not that.

The best guitar amps to buy in 2020: 12 best modelling amplifiers

Here we've rounded up the 10 best modelling amps in the biz so you can keep tweaking to find your dream amp tone even after you've bought your amp.
Line 6 Helix Floor shot with Strat

Line 6’s latest Helix firmware is here

Bringing a set of new amps, cabs and effects.
Line 6 Relay G10

Yamaha releases firmware update for Line 6 Relay G10, G10S, G10T wireless units due...

If your unit hasn’t been damaged, you’ve been urged to upgrade to the latest firmware.
line 6 pod go

NAMM 2020 Video: Line 6’s POD Go is an affordable, lightweight multi-effects unit

Billed as a simple, plug-and-play device for guitarists.


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