Mooer launches a new wireless kit, the Air P10

A compact four-channel pair of units

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The GE300 Lite is the scaled-down edition of Mooer’s flagship multi-effects unit

This feature-packed pedal offers 164 effects, 108 digital amp models and an IR loader

Mooer unveils the R7 Reverb, packing seven reverb modes into a micro pedal

No room on your ‘board for an expansive spring reverb tank?

Mooer announces its latest multi-effects processor: the GE250

Utilising its new Tone Capture technology.

Review: Mooer Tone Capture GTR

Can you turn a Telecaster into a Gretsch via a pedal? This tiny digital stompbox may have the answer.

Win! A Mooer Black Truck worth £294!

Enter our competition now to win a Mooer Black Truck worth £294!

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Mooer’s desktop modelling amp, the Hornet, gets an all-white makeover

The Hornet white lends a touch of retro-chic to the practice amp.