NAMM 2020 Video: Morley introduces three new Wahs for its 20/20 range

Including some pedalboard-friendly updates to classic pedals.
Morley Mini Classic Switchless Wah

NAMM 2019: Morley introduces Mini Classic Switchless Wah

A smaller, wallet-friendly version of Morley’s Classic Wah.
Morley wah pedals review feature

Review: Morley Mark Tremonti, Michael Amott & DJ Ashba Skeleton Mini Wahs

Morley catches the eye with this trio of limited-edition signature wah-wahs that are intended primarily, but not exclusively, for use with high-gain tones. And one even glows in the dark…

NAMM 2019: Morley introduces ABY, ABC Pro Selectors

These compact switchers are specifically designed for use with multiple amps.
Morley Mini Steve Vai Bad Horsie 2 Contour Wah

Check out the first batch of Morley Custom Shop pedals

The three new limited-edition wahs sport new, psychedelic graphics—one’s even illustrated by Steve Vai himself.
Morley Mini Pedals Power Wah Volume Maverick Switchless Wah Volume Plus

Morley introduces three new Mini pedals

The smaller versions of the Maverick Wah, Power Wah Volume and Volume Plus will save you precious pedalboard real estate.


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