Pedalboard Amps 2021

The best guitar amps to buy in 2021: 12 of the best pedalboard amps

If you’re thinking of adding a pedalboard-sized amp to your rig, check out our picks of the best examples on the market today.
Plini Live: Everything you need to know about Plini

Praised by Steve Vai as “the future of exceptional guitar playing” and now an endorsee of Neural DSP and Strandberg, we give you the lowdown on the Australian virtuoso, Plini
Archetype: Cory Wong

Neural DSP Introduces Archetype: Cory Wong

Vulfpeck tones are now at your DAW’s beck and call.
Neural DSP's Fortin Cali Suite

Neural DSP releases the Fortin Cali Suite

Need some hot-rodded British gain?

NAMM 2020: Neural DSP’s brand new Quad Cortex is powered by machine learning

The flagship Quad Cortex is a souped-up modeller and multi-effects floor unit.
Neural DSP Adam Getgood Archetype: Nolly plug-in GUI

Adam Getgood, formerly of Periphery, teams up with Neural DSP on plug-in collection

The Archetype: Nolly collection features emulations that capture the tone of the djent band’s former bassist.


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