Orange Amplification

The Industry Interview: Orange Amps founder and CEO Cliff Cooper

From making waves in Swinging London to heading up a world-leading amplifier brand and winning awards along the way, Cliff Cooper looks back on more than 50 years in the business.

Orange announces a new compact footswitch, the FS1 Mini

Need to switch channels without taking up too much room?

The best guitar amps to buy in 2020: 14 best solid-state amplifiers

Once upon a time, tube tone was all that mattered to guitar players. But thanks to modern digital modelling technology, pro-quality tones are accessible to everyone.

Orange Amps teases a set of reissued pedals from the 1970s

It’s also called for anyone who owns the units to get in touch.

Orange launches new Crest Edition wireless headphones

With touch control and AI assistant support.

Guitar industry members respond to concerns of a coronavirus upheaval

Suppliers have weighed in on the likelihood of disruption due to the outbreak.

Demo: Listen to the snarling Orange Amplification Terror Stamp at NAMM 2020

Touted as the most portable class A/B 20-watt amplifier ever.

NAMM 2020: Watch Slipknot’s VMan put the Orange Bass Butler through its paces

The metal bassist test out the capabilities of the dual-amp-rig-in-a-pedal.

NAMM 2020: Orange unveils the Little Bass Thing amplifier head

The small amp head delivers 500W of solid-state oomph.