A US court ruling could change the nature of online marketplaces such as Reverb, Amazon and eBay

The ruling calls into question how much responsibility they have for the items sold through their platforms.

Reverb announces its 3.5% selling fee will increase to 5%

As part of a plan to “increase investment in sellers.”

Walrus Audio releases limited edition dual Slo and Fathom Gold Standard pedal

The two halves can work in series, or have extra effects between them.

Reverb suspends sales of new Fulltone products

Beginning 1 July, the platform will pull listings of new, mint and B-stock Fulltone gear.

Red Witch summons the Seraphina, a four-diode octave fuzz

The simple design features three top-mounted controls.

Reverb launches Gig From Home performance series has offered its YouTube and social media channels as a platform to artists for online performances during the coronavirus pandemic. The online marketplace will...

Reverb unveils carbon offset shipping initiative

It will see the company investing in carbon-absorbing projects to offset 100 per cent of its shipping-related emissions.

Megadeth’s Kiko Loureiro to open official Reverb shop

80 pieces of gear will go on sale, including a “Grammy-winning guitar”.