Reverend Crosscut and Crosscut W models

Reverend announces the Crosscut and Crosscut W

It’s the brand’s take on a classic T-type, with a few twists.
Baritone Guitars Roundup 2021

The best electric guitars to buy in 2021: 10 best baritone guitars

Looking to tune to B or below? Better check out this list.
Reverend Six Gun HPP

Reverend’s new Six Gun HPP electric pairs a bridge humbucker with two P-90s

Reverend brands the pickup combination its "new standard".
The Revered Gil Parris GPS

Reverend’s first S-type has vintage looks and modern electrics

The Gil Parris GPS is loaded with three dual-voice Fishman pickups.
Reverend Ron Asheton Signature

Reverend launches Ron Asheton signature Jetstream 390

It comes in Asheton's favourite Rock Orange finish.
Reverend Pete Anderson Signature

Reverend launches new Pete Anderson signature

With newly voiced mini humbuckers.

NAMM 2020: Reverend beefs up the Mike Watt Signature bass

The Reverend Wattplower Mark II boasts a few upgrades over its predecessor.

NAMM 2020: Reverend Guitars announces three new models

Meet the Roundhouse, Contender and a revamped Warhawk.

NAMM 2020: Reverend Guitars unveils the new Robin Finck Signature Model

Featuring a Korina body and Railhammer Chisel humbuckers.
The Reverend Sensei RT LE

Reverend announces a sparkly limited edition of its Sensei RT

Available in five shiny colours.


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