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Amp FAQ: How do Leslie cabinets work?

This month: the head-spinning world of rotating speaker cabinets explained.

Amplifier FAQ: Is it safe to plug 6L6 valves into a 6V6-powered circuit?

In the latest instalment of his amp-advice column, Rift mainman Chris Fantana deals with the hot topic of bottle swapping.

Amplifier FAQ: Why do some UK/EU editions of US tube amps seem to be noisier when reverb or vibrato is engaged?

In the latest instalment of his amp-advice column, Rift Amps mainman Chris Fantana tackles transatlantic noise issues.

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Amplifier FAQ: When should I replace the tubes in my amp?

A quick guide on how to gauge when the tubes in your amp are in need of swapping out.

Watch: Aynsley Lister’s signature Rift amp is a tone machine

The bluesman tells us why it blends the sound of two classic amplifiers.

Review: Rift Amplification Aynsley Lister Signature

After five years of R&D, British blues guitarist Aynsley Lister’s quest for “my sound, in a box” has been fulfilled. We get the lowdown from Aynsley and Rift main man Chris Fantana and put the results of their collaboration through its paces.

Rift Amplification launches Aynsley Lister signature amp

This 35-watter is voiced for classic British tones.

Rift Amplification Hawker Review

Having forged a fine reputation building replicas of the classics, Rift is moving into the boutique market with an original design based on the best of British. Huw Price takes the Hawker for a test flight…