Shergold Guitars

Win! A Shergold Provocateur SP02-SD worth £809!

We’re giving away a beautiful Provocateur SP02-SD to one lucky winner!

Shergold Guitars honours its heritage with Tango Fandango Masquerader

This SM01-SD model is decked in a limited-edition orange finish.

Review: Shergold Provocateur SP02-SD

The revived British brand returns with an all-new body shape and a scale adjustment, promising versatility and quality for those looking for something a little bit different.

Shergold Guitars enters the single-cut fray with new Provocateur line

A second series from the revived British brand.

Summer NAMM 2018: Shergold Guitars release limited-edition Black Sparkle Masquerader

Shergold Guitars are proud to announce the release of their 2018 Limited Edition SM03SD Masquerader with Black Sparkle finish.

Shergold Masquerader SM04-SD Review

A new addition to the recently revitalised UK brand with an intentionally moody look and dark tones. Simon Bradley grabs a torch…

Shergold Guitars welcome The Sherlocks to their artist roster

Shergold Guitars are delighted to welcome Kiaran Crook and Josh Davidson of British indie band The Sherlocks to their official artist roster.

Shergold Masquerader SM01-SD, SM02-SD & SM03-SD

A legendary British name makes a welcome comeback with three new models designed by legendary luthier, Patrick James Eggle. Simon Bradley goes for gold…

NAMM 2017: Barnes & Mullins Announce Shergold Guitars Relaunch

Barnes & Mullins are pleased to announce the launch of Shergold Electric Guitars.