Strandberg announces updates to Plini and Per Nilsson signature models

Featuring some unique construction upgrades to all the models.
00:32:26 Live: Everything you need to know about Plini

Praised by Steve Vai as “the future of exceptional guitar playing” and now an endorsee of Neural DSP and Strandberg, we give you the lowdown on the Australian virtuoso, Plini

Strandberg launches extremely limited run of silver and gold Bodens

In honour of the 10th anniversary of the first Strandberg.

Strandberg debuts colourful Boden Metal axe for Sarah Longfield

A new signature guitar for the young shred star.

Strandberg enters bass market with new Boden Bass Series

“More than just a bass version” of the brand’s six-, seven-, eight-string guitars.

Strandberg debuts headless Tele-style electrics

The Sälen is the Swedish brand’s innovative take on the iconic guitar.

Customize your own headless axe with Strandberg’s new USA Select series

Go wild—or keep it sane—with high-end features, tonewoods, electronics, finishes and more.