Mateus Asato

Watch: Mateus Asato discusses how his Suhr signature “babies” came to be

Asato spoke to us with great affection about the guitars he’d help develop. live competition harmony teisco mono

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Take home stellar guitar gear from the best brands at the virtual guitar show.
Suhr Pete Thorn Signature

Review: Suhr Pete Thorn Signature Series

A rock ’n’ roll machine at heart with switching options that could make it the ultimate session player’s guitar.
Best Direct Recording Boxes

The best recording gear for guitarists in 2020: 15 best direct recording boxes

Recording guitars from home? These devices offer tracking options that are more than a step up from simply pointing an SM57 against a grille cloth.
suhr andy wood signature guitar 2020

NAMM 2020 Video: Andy Wood runs us through his new Suhr signature guitar

It now comes in both SS and HH pickup configurations.
Keeley Boss Mod April Fools

Seven April Fools’ gear pranks in 2019

Check out these curveball ‘creations’ from Suhr, Keeley, Marshall and more.
Suhr Reactive Load IR

Suhr announces the Reactive Load IR

This compact load box is touted as a replacement for speaker cabinets.
Suhr Shiba Reloaded Mini

Suhr shrinks Shiba Drive into pedalboard-friendly stompbox

The Shiba Drive Reloaded Mini retains all the tube-like tones of its bigger brother.


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