D’Angelico Guitars acquires Supro USA and Pigtronix

“This is the company I have been envisioning”: D’Angelico CEO Brenden Cohen.

Supro unveils the “Goldilocks” Blues King 10

For when a single watt is too little, and 15 watts too much.

Review: Supro Blues King 8

A single watt of output power may seem better suited to headphones than headlining, but the Blues King 8 is a lot more practical than you might expect.

The 2019 Roundup: 10 most popular reviews

We check out the most-read gear reviews of 2019.

Review: Supro 1296 Silverwood

The Silverwood was described as “Supro’s finest electric” in the 1960 catalogue. This reissue combines simplified controls with in vogue Gold Foil pickups.

Supro adds 1×8 model to Blues King line

Supro amplifiers has introduced the new 1x8" Blues King 8 to its amplifier range, redeveloped from scratch to celebrate that legendary Supro headroom.

Supro reissues the Ozark, Jimi Hendrix’s first electric guitar

2019 model pairs era-specific specs with improved playability.

Supro reaches for the stars with dual-channel Galaxy amp

The 50-watter is branded as the boutique company’s “most versatile amp to date”.