Tech 21

NAMM 2021: Tech 21 revives the SansAmp Classic

Tech 21 has announced the SansAmp Classic has been relaunched for 2021.

The best recording gear for guitarists in 2020: 15 best direct recording boxes

Recording guitars from home? These devices offer tracking options that are more than a step up from simply pointing an SM57 against a grille cloth.

Tech 21 introduces the Geddy Lee signature SansAmp

The DI-2112 features two separate blendable internal preamps.

Tech 21 announces the Steve Harris Signature SH1

The Iron Maiden bassist’s tones have been squeezed into a tiny enclosure.

Tech 21 teams up with Geddy Lee on signature SansAmp YYZ

A pedal-sized version of the Rush bassist’s SansAmp rackmount unit.

Paul Landers, Tech 21 team up on signature PL1 Fly Rig

Capture the Rammstein guitarist’s iconic tone.