Swart Amplifier Co releases the Antares Combo

Swart Antares Combo
Swart’s latest release combines its popular Atomic Space Tone and MOD84 amps.

NEXI Industries unveils the Slim Starter pedalboard

Nexi Slim Starter
The smaller, slimmer pedalboard works identically to the company’s other models: You only need to strap your stompboxes in to start rocking.

Gibson puts a new spin on the Flying V

Inspired by the ’67 original, the Modern Flying V looks as though it was plucked from the Space Age.

Kiesel releases new series of pickups

The new Beryllium pickups feature Alnico II magnets and vintage-style windings for a classic guitar tone.

Mesa Boogie unveils the Triple Crown TC-100

The new amp is a beefier version of the popular TC-50, but it comes with a power soak feature to keep things under control.

Dusky Electronics launches new boost pedal

Dusky Mandorla
The Mandorla is a “clean but colored” treble boost stompbox inspired by those popularized in the ’60s.

Fractal Audio releases the Axe-FX III

The Axe-FX III comes with a lot more power, a massive library of speaker cab simulations and guitar effects, and other features.

Khan Audio unveils new Pak amp head

Khan Pak Single and Dual Channel Amp
The Khan Pak amplifier clocks in at only 6.5 pounds, but it’s heavy on tube-driven tones.

Boss releases the Katana-Artist guitar amplifier

The newest addition to the Katana line-up is a 100-watt combo with all the features of its predecessors, and more.

Pigtronix releases the Ringmaster Analog Multiplier

The pedal unlocks a medley of sounds that span analog harmonizer tones to tremolo effects.