Wylde Audio unleashes the Blood Eagle

Wylde Audio Blood Eagle Nordic Ice
Zakk Wylde’s company throws down the gauntlet with a new axe that takes the classic Explorer shape and makes it even more metal.

G&L digs into the history books to launch new CLF Research bass

The CLF Research in Three-tone Sunburst, Natural, Jet Black and Candy Apple Red
The CLF Research L-2000 is, for lack of a better term, a ‘reissue’ of the Leo Fender-designed 1981 bass.

New pedals and effects units: February 2018

New guitar pedals February 2018
Our favorite new stompbox announcements, releases and rumors of the month.

The Servo stompbox subtly saturates your tone

Taurus Servo
The new pedal from Taurus Amplification isn’t an effects unit per se—it takes your tone and elevates it.

Swart Amplifier Co releases the Antares Combo

Swart Antares Combo
Swart’s latest release combines its popular Atomic Space Tone and MOD84 amps.

NEXI Industries unveils the Slim Starter pedalboard

Nexi Slim Starter
The smaller, slimmer pedalboard works identically to the company’s other models: You only need to strap your stompboxes in to start rocking.

Gibson puts a new spin on the Flying V

Inspired by the ’67 original, the Modern Flying V looks as though it was plucked from the Space Age.

Kiesel releases new series of pickups

The new Beryllium pickups feature Alnico II magnets and vintage-style windings for a classic guitar tone.

Mesa Boogie unveils the Triple Crown TC-100

The new amp is a beefier version of the popular TC-50, but it comes with a power soak feature to keep things under control.

Dusky Electronics launches new boost pedal

Dusky Mandorla
The Mandorla is a “clean but colored” treble boost stompbox inspired by those popularized in the ’60s.