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“Like most things it came to me in a pub”: Richard Hawley on his...

Prior to the release of his acclaimed new album, Further, we sit down with Richard Hawley to talk about the record and all things guitar.
Royal Republic Album Spotlight

Five riff-packed highlights from Royal Republic’s Club Majesty

Barre chords, dinosaur-sounding licks and a hint of Toto's Steve Lukather.
peter buck rem filthy friends

From R.E.M. to Filthy Friends, Peter Buck puts song above self

The R.E.M. man talks guitar chemistry, raw riffs and Emerald Valley, his latest album with Filthy Friends, which also features Sleater-Kinney’s Corin Tucker.

How Aussie psych-rock band Stonefield went from a farm shed to Glastonbury

Ahead of their fourth studio album Bent, the stoner rock band tell us about their meteoric trip to one of the biggest stages in music.
Morganway OTW hero

Morganway breathe the magic of their live shows into upcoming debut album

Twins Callum and Kieran Morgan chat about the new record, drawing inspiration from Tom Petty and recording live.

Yngwie Malmsteen has finally embraced the blues

The neoclassical virtuoso explains why it’s taken him three decades to finally bring his blues influences to bear on new album, Blue Lightning.

“If you don’t want to be bigger than The Beatles, then it’s just a...

Punch-ups… booze… drugs… bare-faced arrogance… In 1994, Oasis came from nowhere and established the perfect credentials for rock ’n’ roll infamy. But behind the headlines, Noel Gallagher was fighting to prove himself the best songwriter of his generation.
Crimson guitars

“There’s something so sexy about guitars and that world in general”: Ben Crowe of...

We visit Crimson Guitars and talk old-school luthiery, prog legends and digital love with its head honcho.

“It’s a constant process, restating yourself”: rising London star, Nilüfer Yanya

The critically acclaimed 23-year-old on crafting her unique sound for debut album Miss Universe, rebelling against herself and why she wanted to sound like The Strokes.

New rock outfit The Darling Fire aim to reignite the guitar

The new band features former members of Dashboard Confessional, Further Seems Forever, The Rocking Horse Winner and more.

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